The Cohen Family Foundation for the Arts

The Cohen Family Foundation for the Arts is a not for profit 501(c)(3) foundation formed by Mark L. Cohen in 2021, with the support of his children, Elisha and Michael, and many others. For several years, Mark has been creating fine art, including paintings, drawings, and prints. Many of these works have become self-curated exhibitions whose subject matter includes the Holocaust, racism, police brutality, misogyny, women’s rights, and LBGTQ rights.

Mengele's Children, Acrylic on Canvas, 8' high x 18' wide

The mission of the Cohen Family Foundation for the Arts is to use fine art for Holocaust education and to embrace Mark’s commitment to combating racism, antisemitism, genocide, misogyny and all injustice. It is in this capacity that we recognize his passion for inquiry as an incentive to stimulate future initiatives.

Navy veteran attacked by Portland authorities, 7' high x 18' wide, Acrylic on Canvas

In building upon the artist’s beliefs, the Cohen Family Foundation for the Arts celebrates new and even untested ways of thinking and acting. CFF will support research, institutions, and artists that embody the same collaborative, inclusive, and multidisciplinary approach that Mark L. Cohen strives for in both his art and philanthropic endeavors.

The Cohen Family Foundation for the Arts was founded by the artist in 2021, with the goal of eventually transitioning to a mission to foster the artistic and philanthropic legacy of Mark L. Cohen through the creation of fine art, scholarship and grants. The Cohen Family Foundation for the Arts will support exhibitions and special projects by artists that reflect a joyful, responsive, and irreverent approach to making art while living an empathetic and meaningful life.

Our belief is that modern and contemporary art can influence the way we think, view the world, and embrace the many voices and perspectives around us. And yet, we acknowledge that institutional practices have perpetuated a system that has caused many people to be neglected and silenced. And they still are. We are committed to repairing and building trust, and being an inclusive, accessible organization for people of color, LGBTQ+ people, women, people with disabilities, and many other integral peoples of the world. We stand against antisemitism, racism, white nationalism and discrimination of all kinds.

Baptism in Florida, photograph by Red Morgan
The Cohen Family Foundation for the Arts aspires to foster an environment that elicits joy, nurtures a sense of belonging and purpose, and embodies our values, where difference is seen as strength, and everyone is appreciated for their whole self.

This commitment requires dedication that must permeate all we do on individual and institutional levels. We will prioritize diversity, equality, inclusion, and access. We encourage open and ongoing dialogue with you about who we are and what we believe. All forms of feedback are welcome and will be shared with our colleagues. Please contact us at

9 minutes and 29 seconds, acrylic on canvas, 6' x 10'

The Cohen Family Foundation for the Arts' purpose is to protect and provide a repository for the ouevre of Mark L. Cohen and promote the values of the Foundation within the arts community and beyond. The Cohen Family Foundation for the Arts will also support artists in adding to the existing curated exhibitions to keep them relevant in a constantly changing world.


Cohen Family Foundation for the Arts
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Mark L. Cohen

A Legacy to Remember